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An acclaimed showcase of original fine art, Native Cultural Art,
Finely Crafted Handwork and Decorative Collectibles from the Hawaiian Islands,
Polynesia and the Pacific Rim

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"Purple Orchids on Hand Painted Silk"


Capturing images of flowers, fine tuning those images and printing them in large formats gives you an enlarged view of nature that you are unable to see with the naked eye.

"Yellow and Purple Orchids on Hand Painted Silk "

The flowers in these images were either grown at the artist’s home on Maui or collected from nearby locations.

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Tim Robinson's stunning work.

Exhibits & Galleries By
Individual Artist and Artisan

George Aldrete - Oil Paintings

Dux Missler - Oil Paintings

Keola LeVan Sequeira - Traditional Hawaiian Carvings

Carmen Gardner - Painter

Carla Crow - Paintings On Bark Paper

Jan Welda - Oil Paintings

George Allan - Oil Paintings

Robert Lynn Nelson - Oil Paintings

Shaun Fleming - Bench Made Furniture

Michael Clements - Oil Paintings

Paul Arsenault - Paintings

Jan Bushart - Oil Paintings

Tim Robinson - Digital Realism

Vicky Robinson - Sumi-e Painting

Jackie Pias Carlin - New Watercolors

Tom Calhoun - Master Artisan-Woodworker

Joel Nakila - Bronze Sculpture

James Stewart - Bronze Sculpture

Arya Azadi - Marble Sculpture

Karen Davidson - Cast Paper Sculpture

Ricardo Vasquez - Studio Furniture

Brent Cotton - Tonalist landscapes

Joyce Clark, OPA - Oil Paintings & Prints

Christina Skaggs - Sculpural Paintings

Kate & Will Jacobson - Hand Painted Raku

Botanical Paintings by Mellisa Chimera

Custom Handmade Furniture by Robert Lipoth

Artistry in Wood by Gregg Smith

Hawaiian Petroglyphs by Dr. Sue Nash

Oil Paintings and Prints by Gary Reed

Koa Wood Artistry by The Shaftos

Exuberant Paintings by Ed Lane

A Garden of Color by Margaret Bedell

Arabella Ark - Porcelain Ceramics

Robert Lippoth, Maui Furniture Maker

Hawaiian Stonework by Fred Kanoho

Elegant Hawaiian Jewelry by The Brauns

Handpulled Original Etchings by Jim Powlan


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