The Watercolor Paintings of Connie J. Adams

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Original Watercolor Painting
"Breadfruit Shadows"

$3,000 (custom Framed)

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Original Watercolor Painting
"Caanna Floressence"

$2,100 (custom Framed)

Using the "wet-into-wet" technique to begin her paintings, Connie then uses painstaking glazes to bring out the elements of her compositions.

Connie's watercolors are a testament to the versatility and luminosity of the medium, whether she is describing the fragile power of flowers, or the myriad patterns of nature.

Bringing with her a Masters in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BFA with distinction from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Maui newcomer Connie Adams is making a mark for herself in the island art scene.


[Original Painting]
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Original Watercolor Painting

28"H x 16"W

[Original Painting]
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Original Watercolor Painting
"Approaching Hamoa"

30"H x 22"W

She has an impressive list of one-woman and group exhibits dating back to 1981, Connie J. Adams also has her work in corporate and private collections from the US mainland to Saipan, Mariana Islands. Ms. Adams is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.

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