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Arabella Ark (Formerly Gail Bakutis)

Arabella Ark's (formerly known as Gail Bakutis) pottery forms an alliance with the forces of nature which have created these beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Or, as one art critic phrased it: "She creates clay forms seemingly blown from the mouth of a volcano or torn from Hawaii's shores."

Arabella is a handbuilder, constructing her pieces from rolled slabs of clay. She raku-fires most of her ornamental work, giving unique smoke and crackle pattterns to the surface. Each raku piece undergoes tremendous thermal shock as it is lifted from the kiln and swiftly placed in a container of combustibles - like banana leaves - where it burns, smolders and cools. The artist nurtures and celebrates the changes natural forces make on her work during the raku process.

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Title:Sea Tide
Style/Subject:"Tea Pot"
Predominant Colors:Greens
Overall Dimensions:28" w x 23"h
Price:$1,250 SOLD
copyright 2004 Arabella Ark

Raku, as a ceramic style, began in Kyoto, Japan the 16th century by an artisan named Chojiro (1516-1589) under the direction of a Zen tea master, Sen no Rikyo.

A Hawaii resident since 1972, Arabella was educated at Northwestern University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Lund, Sweden. She received her M.A. in Dramatic Art and Directing and did her Ph.D. work at U.C. Berkeley.

Arabella Ark has been an art teacher at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, theater director for the American Cultural Centre, Paris, France, drama teacher, an actress in the American Concervatory Theater of San Francisco, and the Greek National Theater, Athens, Greece, and drama critic for the HONOLULU ADVERTISER. She has also been active in giving of her time to teaching in the Hawaii State Program for Arts-In-The-Schools.

Some of Ms. Arks' most elaborately designed work is featured in the private collection of the Hotel Hana-Maui, and can be seen in the public areas of the hotel. Her work is also found in private, coporate and public collections throughout the US mainland, Asia and Europe.

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