The original concept created in the rainforests of the Big Island of Hawaii,
from there traveling over to the quarries of China,
and then to a village in India where she carves the marble,
later on, to the ancient foundries of Nepal to cast the bronzes,

The result of all this effort? ......

Here they are, the beautiful sculptural creations of Arya Azadi

Her Recent Work

"Liquid Silk" by Arya Azadi
A Sculpture and Water Fountain,
Sculpted from Black Baslana Marble
39" x 25" x 17"

"I create my maquettes in a beautiful hidden-away studio on my farm in the rain forest on the Big island. After being here for several months, I then follow my call to far-distant places where antiquity and ancient civilizations have made their indelible marks, where new forms, lessons, and teachings await me always. For part of each year I quarry marble in China, carve the marble in India, and cast my bronzes in Nepal".

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"Yellow Iris" by Arya Azadi"
A Sculpture and Water Fountain,
Sculpted from Banswara Marble
and semi-precious stone inlays
18" x 16" x 20"

"I have always felt at home with indigenous peoples and I have lived in many countries, among them: Kenya, where I went when I was seventeen. I spent time in Indonesia, where I was a batik artist. I explored Mexico on five different occasions and Thailand several times, as well as the journeying to the Head of the Amazon in Peru.

In New Zealand, where I lived with the Maori while engaged in making a film. I was a documentary and an independent filmmaker for ten years, while living in NewYork City and Atlanta.

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"Dei Beneficio" by Arya Azadi
A Sculpture and Water Fountain,
Sculpted from Rajnagar Marble
39" x 30" x 24"

"Truly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I attempt to evoke emotion with my work. This group of swans entwine themselves lovingly and protectively, serving as a metaphore of family.

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