N. Braun Jewelers Ulana O Kukui - Weavers of Light

The Handcrafted Jewelry of Pam and David Braun
Ulana O Kukui - Weavers of Light

Pam and David Braun have created one of the most elegant lines of uniquely designed handcrafted jewelry in the Hawaiian Islands.

Inspired by the centuries-old native weaving of coconut palm and Hala Tree leaves (called lau hala in the Hawaiian language), the Brauns plait 14K and sterling silver into rings, bracelets and earrings of surpassing beauty.

The husband and wife team of jewelry designers studied lau hala weaving at the famed Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Lyon Arboretum and with Hawaiian Weaving Master Arthur Kapi'eo, then adapted the techniques to their work in precious metals.

With painstaking workmanship, they handweave together long, thin strips of 14-karat gold, shaping them around a metal core form. These handsome pieces, linked with Hawaii's cultural past, include rings and bracelets made of interwoven strips of yellow, white or rose gold. They sign this special jewelry collection "Ulana O Kukui" - which in the Hawaiian language means "weavers of light".

The Brauns came to Hawaii some twenty-five years ago from New York, where David had been a professor of design at N.Y.U and Pam had worked both as a jewelry designer. Pam and David met at NYU where she was pursuing a degree in Studio Arts and, later, Art History.

Before moving to Hawaii in the late 1970's, the Brauns owned and operated a highly successful jewelry design business in New York. But they wanted a slower pace of life than that found on the East Coast, and moved to Honolulu to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle. That, however, was before their jewely design fame spread throughout the islands and their pieces began to be acquired by visitors from all over the world. Nowadays they are nearly at the same hectic pace as they were in New York. But they have truly found the spirit of aloha here in the islands.

The Hana Coast Gallery is pleased and proud to be one of the small number of fine art galleries representing this exceptional precious metal decorative artwork.

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Unbordered Ti Leaf 14k Yellow Gold Ring
Fanhandle 14k tri (white, green, rose gold) ring
Lau Hala 4-Layered Checkerboard Weave 14k Ring
textured Fanhandled 14K w/y Ring

These works of jewelry art are woven by hand from ribbons of metal of 14k and 18k Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver in the same way that Hawaiian coconut baskets and lauhala hats were woven in days gone by.

14K Yellow Gold Monstera Leaf
and Flower Bracelet sz 7-1/4
Ring on the right:
14k Yellow Gold Monstera Leaf
and Flower Ring sz. 6-1/4

The two pieces shown on the right were handcast by master jewelers from either 14k and 18k Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver. All of their work is done right here in Hawaii..

Bordered Fanhandle Texture Weave 14k Yellow Gold 14K White Gold sz 10

The fanhandle texture weave rings are some of the most popular of the Braun Collection. Hand braided or plaited from 14k and 18k Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver. The rugged good looks of this ring, combined with the protective border, makes this a perfect wedding ring for the man. Matching rings without the borders are also available for the partner. Please add 20% for ring sizes 10 or over.

Many look upon jewelry as a statement of art or a personal decoration that defines their appearance. For the wearer, gold can not only enhance strong emotional feelings about a person's appearance, but it can also make a person feel beautiful, successful and confident. But gold jewelry can also offer an investment opportunity.

Since gold has a long lasting financial value, it can support the buyer's decision when purchasing jewelry in general, or specifically gold jewelry. This may be one of the reasons why people desire and purchase gold jewelry. 18kt, 14kt, and 10kt jewelry has long been defined and marked making it a "purchase investment opportunity". Perhaps your selection of one of these beautifully designed pieces of jewelry art would make a solid "store of value", an investment that "appreciates" even as you can appreciate its beauty.

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