Limited Edition Giclee Prints
By Brent Cotton

The following recreations of his original oil paintings are available
as limited edition Giclee prints on canvas

"Evening Divine" 2002

Limited edition of 150 signed and numbered Giclee prints on canvas

$375 Unframed

"Mo'omeheu Kahiko" 2002>

Limited edition of 150 signed & numbered Giclee prints on canvas

$375 Unframed

Brent paints in the tradition of the tonalists, a style popular from the 1880's to the early 1900's in which artists attempt to objectively and accurately record visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and color.

As Brent puts it, "I'm inspired by mood and drama, the fleeting effects of light. I hope my paintings bring a sense of peace to the viewer, perhaps conjure up a memory."

This artist works in all types of media, with oil being his favorite. Rather than always using a typical artist's canvas, Brent most often paints on Belgium linen which he affixes onto hardboard panel. This attention to detail is what helps make Brent's paintings the true heirloom quality that they are.

Brent has already garnered many awards, including being selected as one of only four artists across the nation to participate as Artist In Residence at Glacier National Park during 2001.

His work has been included in several other national shows, including being selected twice for the highly prestigeous "Arts For The Parks" Top 100. This year, Brent was also awarded the "People's Choice" as well as his painting being selected as "The Best in the Regional Western states and Alaska/Hawaii.

Of Special Note:

Brent was Featured

In a recent issue of Art Of The West Magazine

On the cover of the February, 2006 issue of The Artist's Magazine

In the February, 2005 issue of SouthwestArt Magazine

Article by Contributing Editor Todd Wilkinson, SouthwestArt Magazine:

"In 2003, Brent Cotton made a huge, career-transforming splash with a portrayal of Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald that won him the People's Choice Award at the annual Arts for the Parks competition. The entry was an oil painting titled 'EVENSONG'. While its narrative involves a lone kayaker plying Glacier's legendary mountain tarn at sundown, Cotton's approach, presented as a study in light, is minimal, semi-abstract and impressionistic.

"Uncommonly provocative, it seizes the eye with a streak of sparkling water that has the effect of a horizontal lightning strike flashing into our consciousness, crystallizing focus and flow through a sparseness of brushwork. Moreover, Cotton's sophisticated treatment of background would make any urban minimalist cheer.

"Who says contemporary landscape painting in the West can't be soothingly nostalgic and electrifying avant-garde at the same moment." (See February, 2005 issue for full story.)

C.W. Russell Auction Sets New Brent Cotton Sales Record

Recently, one of Brent's oil paintings, a Western landscape, fetched $40,000 at auction. This price set a new auction record for this size of a painting in this medium for Brent.

Earlier, another oil painting, this one 30" x 40" had set the previous high at auction for one of Brent's works at the C.W. Russell Auction. Held annually on the weekend closest to Charlie Russell’s birthday (March 19) the C.M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art in Great Falls, Montana, is one of the largest western art auctions in the world. Started in 1969, the Auction is a benefit for the C.M. Russell Museum.

This is an invitation only auction, and being chosen to participate is a great honor.

His painting "Evening in the Valley" was chosen as the winner of the first ever 'C.W. RUSSELL MUSEUM CEO AWARD' given for outstanding technical excellence and creative artistic interpretation.

Brent Cotton is in both private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Among his celebrity collectors are Oprah Winfrey, Tom Brokaw and Brent Mussberger.

The Giclee Printing Process

By Alesiamae Chow,
Director, Hana Coast Gallery

So that he could create prints using the artist canvas upon which he paints his original work, Brent Cotton has turned to the Giclee (zhee-clay) printing process.

The small fine arts editions made by the Giclee process is a collaboration between the artist and the printing craftspeople with the artist's color selection and final approval essential to the overall printing process.

It lets a few other people enjoy in their own homes or offices the image that Brent has painted, along with the collector who bought the original oil painting. In other words, Brent Cotton "makes" his small edition of prints after he has "made" the original oil painting. We're not talking mass production here.

I've learned that Giclee prints are in the finest tradition of European printmaking in that the prints are made individually, on a one-by-one basis, instead of the mass production method of mechanical offset-lithography used for most reproductive prints and posters today.

And I also discovered that the highly saturated, non-toxic printing ink ends up producing a full spectrum of millions of colors and hues. Brent has complete control of this color selection. His handsigned signature on each print is evidence of his approval of that print. and he individually numbers the print as well.

Forget all the technical stuff. The best part is how this specially compounded water-based ink makes the prints look so lush and velvety. The "tonality" is that of a fine oil painting on canvas.

Usually, small fine art-style editions of under five hundred impressions are not cost efficient when using traditional off-set lithography. Giclee printing allows the artist to establish a smaller edition of two hundred prints or under at any time, and at significantly less cost to the collector due to a lack of upfront production costs.

And that's why Brent limits his editions to only 150 impressions.

That's one for you, and only 149 more for everyone else who has your good taste.

I hope that you find that one (or more) of the prints you are going to see just below pleases your eye and you'll want to purchase one. If so, why not give me a call at 808-248-8636.

Just ask for Alesia.

Come on, now. Wouldn't one of these Brent Cotton prints on canvas look lovely in YOUR home?

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