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The Translucent Bowls of J. Kelly Dunn

Newly Arrived Bowls

"Translucent Norfolk Bowl"
11-1/4" wide x 6-1/2" high

Smaller Norfolk Bowls (Top Row)
Left: 6-1/2" x3-1/4" $245
Middle: 10" x 2-3/4" $410
Right: 5-1/4 2-1/2" $150

Translucent Norfolk Pine Bowl
13" wide x 6-1/4" high
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One of Kelly Dunn's more translucent bowl forms. Balanced knot pattern and spalting. This is obviously a "collector's" bowl, a true heirloom work of a master woodworker's art.

Norfolk Bowl Platter
11-1/2" x 3-1/4"
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"A Norfolk Pine Platter"
15-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" high

"Kelly Finishes A Bowl"
The oil and resin mixture
Is the secret of the translucence

"Lathe-Turned Bowls & Forms"

Designed and Created by
J. Kelly Dunn

As "Departures Magazine" (the American Express Platinum Card Member's publication) in its Holiday Issue wrote . . "It is dificult to imagine wood turnings more bewitching than the translucent treasures (Kelly) Dunn patiently crafts in Hawii, on the Big island of Hawaii."

The process begins with Norfolk pine slabs that have been allowed to "spalt" (the initial stage of decomposition that turns the wood black). The spalting lends color and character to the wood without weakening it.

Kelly Dunn then turns the aged timber on the lathe to a wall thickness of about an inch, then he kiln dries it. The "blanks" are coated on one side with a wax emulsion to discourage cracking, re-worked on the lathe until they are almost eggshell-thin, and finally submerged for up to two weeks in a bath of oil and resin that Dunn himself developed. It is this final touch that yields bowls that seem to incadesce with their own inner light.

Kelly turns on a custom-built lathe. He turns to a thickness of approximately 3/16ths on an inch. His lathe will turn up to a 36" in diameter piece of wood.

Prices of these wooden objets d'art range from the low hundreds up to several thousand dollars. Private collectors of Kelly Dunn's bowls include: Tom Hanks, Mick Jagger, Shelly Fabres, Lauren bacall and Robert Redford.

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