New Paintings By Dux Missler

[Oil Painting]

"Fish & Poi"

Original Oil Painting
12" H x 9" W



Originally a San Diego native, Dux journeyed to Maui in 1969. His primary artistic passion is oil painting although he has worked in all kinds of art and crafts. Having studied art at Grossmont College in San Diego and over the years studied with many established artists, Dux has remained true to his own artistic style. His paintings are unique expressions of his respect and love of nature. They have a voice and life of their own.

[Oil Painting]

"Early Morning - Road to Hana"

Original Oil Painting


[Oil Painting]

"Bamboo Dreams"

Original Oil Painting
Gallery Wrapped 8" h x 16" w


[Oil Painting]

"Waipio Rain"

Original Oil, framed, 11" X 19"

- SOLD -

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