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[Oil on Linen]
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"Fan Form
26" H x 29" W

Tom Faught has been a highly regarded and internationally collected artist on Maui since establishing his studio on the island in 1972.

Historically, Tom Faught has been greatly influenced by the Japanese masters working in the medium of pottery. The exciting Raku style of high luster glazing so prevalent in Japanese works has long been inspirational to Mr. Faughts own creations. The elegant forms and quiet integrity of expression has long been a hallmark of his work, and have gained him an international collectorship, including works in the private collections of the former and present Emperors of Japan.

Mr. Faught is known for a daring experimental approach to his art, pushing the leading edge in both design and materials. Perhaps his most innovative development to date is his unique metalizing technique.

Donning protective mask and asbestos clothing, looking like something out of a science fiction movie, Faught works with 6,000 degree temperatures, surfacing his decorative "pots" with layers of molten bronze, copper and zinc. Often combined with shimmering glazes, the burnished metal adds a new dimension to his ceramics.

The artist has recently completed a stunning new commission piece, a larger-than-life statue of Queen Kaahumana. This monumental work now stands in the center rotunda of the Kaahumanu Center, a two-story enclosed shopping mall located in Kahului, Maui.

His Maui studio is enormous in size to accomodate his unusually large scale sculptural works. His specially constructed kiln is by far the largest in Hawaii, and one of the largest and most technically advanced in the United States.

But size is not the only thing setting this fine artist apart from the rest of the premier ceramists in the world. His magnificent metalic surfaces and daring glazes are also responsible for the collectability and distinguished reputation of Hawaii Master Artisan Tom Faught.


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