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Kate & Will Jacobson
Hand-Painted Raku Ceramics

Kate & Will Jacobson's twenty year collaboration has given them fire, laughter, wonder and joy. Through their work they attempt to create a harmonious substance of form, line, and color. These explorations lead them to explore the world with their hearts as well as their minds.

Their approach to making art is much more intuitive than pragmatic. When working, they allow the fate of the clay to reveal itself and then they embrace the experience. It's almost an involuntary response where they are simultaneously the guide and the seeker.

Newest Work

Their technique is called Naked Raku. They call it naked because they expose the unadorned, earthly beauty of the clay. They celebrate such natural grace by allowing it to speak with its own voice. They call it raku because they fire in the tradition of Japanese potters. Naked Raku succeeds tradition by using a slip/glaze combination as a resist to the clay.

Raku firing gives unique smoke and crackle pattterns to the surface. Each raku piece undergoes tremendous thermal shock as it is lifted from the kiln and swiftly placed in a container of combustibles - like banana leaves - where it burns, smolders and cools. The artists nurture and celebrate the changes natural forces make on their work during the Raku process. Raku, as a ceramic style, began in Kyoto, Japan the 16th century by an artisan named Chojiro (1516-1589) under the direction of a Zen tea master, Sen no Rikyo.

[Garden Vessel]

(click for larger view)

"Koi Vessel;
Original Hand-painted Raku

Size is 11" High x 9" wide

(click for larger view)

"Honu (Turtle);
Original Hand-painted Raku
Size is 16" High x 12" wide

[Bamboo Vase]
(click for larger view)
"Bamboo Vase;
Original Hand-painted Raku
Size is 171" High x 7" wide

Will is extraordinarily talented at throwing clay on the wheel. His forms speak of a graceful elegance which is timeless. Kate does the hand building of the vessel lids and most of the etching and painting. The language of clay transcends time and place; history and culture are communicated through the potters' hands and preserved forever.

If one of these original hand-painted ceramic vessels pleases your eye (and your purse), then why not give us a call right now at 808-248-8636 and RESERVE the Raku vessel of your choice.

. Your call will be answered by one of us in the gallery, not by some automated voice mail system.

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