Joel H. K. Nakila

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"The Fisherman"

Bronze Sculture Series
$2,500 Each

Born into a Hawai'ian family which continues to respect the legacy and philosophy of an honored past, Joel H. K. Nakila's subjects for his art reflect a personal homage to the devotion and humility that were inherent to everyday Hawai'ian life.

In adition to the facial expressions and dramatically taut musculature exhibited in his sculpture pieces, this master artisan seems to have reached even deeper, allowing the viewer of his work to "hear" the sound of a beating island drum, to "feel" the heat of the torches illuminating the scenes the artist attempts to capture.

Nakila was educated at Brigham Young University, Hawai'i, where he earned degrees in both commercialart and fine arts. During his senior at BYUH, Nakila entered the city and county of Honolulu sponsored Hawai'i Open Art Exhibition, an invitational exhibit. Nakila's name began softly moving through the Hawai'i art community as he created the collection of Hawai'ian characters who populate his growing sculpture repertoir.

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