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It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of our longtime friend and premier gallery artist Joyce Clark. We were privileged to represent this internationally acclaimed artist for over twenty years.

Please note that any and all prices shown on this webpage are subject to immediate and unannounced change, due to market fluctuations in Mrs. Clark's work. If interested in acquiring any of her original paintings or limited edition prints, please call the gallery at 808-248-8636 to determine availability and pricing.

New Paintings and Limited Edition Prints


Joyce Clark (AOP, ISMP)

The "alphabet soup" designations after her name refer to Joyce Clark being a Signature Member of both the highly prestigeous Oil Painters of America and the International Society of Marine Painters. Only a small handfull of the thousands upon thousands of artists throughout the United States can claim this designation. And Joyce Clark certainly deserves this professional honor.

One of Hawaii's longtime premier artists, Joyce Clark has been painting the people and places of the islands since 1960. Now in her 90's and still "painting up a storm", she is considered to be the "best" of Hana artists, having lived in rural Hana for nearly twenty years. Mrs. Clark now divides her time between the US mainland with her children and grandchildren and her "home-away-from-home" in Hawaii.

Joyce Clark is known for her landscapes and "people-scapes" which seem to capture the wahi pana (special spiritual energy) of Hawaii. She makes excellent use of a palette knife in her work, literally sculpting the oil to give a three-dimensional feel to her paintings.

Joyce Clark has created very few prints in the past. And when she has, they have been VERY limited Editions, usually consisting of no more than eight (8) impressions of a particular image. Over the years, both her collectors and the galleries which represent Joyce Clark's work have pleaded with her to release more prints. We are happy to report that this is in the process of becoming a reality.

However, until this happens we are left with only a tiny handful of prints to offer her fans and collectors. Here is what is available now:

Giclee Prints, Limited to Editions of Only 50 Impressions

"Namauu Day - Kapalua"

Limited Edition Giclee Print on canvas, Edition of only 50
Presented in a Gallery Wrap
(no frame is needed).
31" H x 42" W

Mrs. Clark is a "water-oriented, seascape specialist", who has traveled the coasts of California, Oregon, Mexico and Hawaii, as well as the islands of the South Pacific, Alaska, Egypt, and throughout mainland China.

[Print on Cancas]

"Hana Koi Pond"

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas. Edition of only 50
31" H x 42" W.
$2,400 Framed

This print on artist's canvas depicts the rugged shoreline of Kapalua, with its sand beaches. Note how Joyce seems to "sculpt" her paintings, using both pallette knife and brush.

[Print on Canvas]

"Tropical Shores"

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas
Larger Edition of 100
31" H x 42" W.
$2,400 Framed

One of Mrs. Clark's most beautiful beach scenes in Hana. This image also graces the front cover of her coffee table book, "Adventures In Art". Joyce Clark lived not too far from there for more than twenty years as a much revered resident of Hana.

[Print on Canvas]

Magic Mountain

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas. Edition of only 50
31" H x 42" W.
$2,400 Framed

Joyce Clark was raised in the famous Art Colony of Laguna Beach, California, and was educated at Whittier College and the University of California at Los Angeles. She then spent many years as a commercial artist and then as a ceramic designer and decorator at the prestigious Brayton Pottery House in Laguna Beach.

"Misty Wailua Falls"

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas. Edition of only 50
42" H x 31" W.
$2,400 Framed

Absolutely NO one paints Hana the way Joyce Clark does. See how she sculpts the paint with palette knife instead of a brush. If you have ever been to Hana, then you have seen this famous waterfall.

Joyce Clark's first international recognition and acclaim came when she was chosen in 1958 as one of two artists representing California in the first "ART:USA" show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The artist's work hangs in private, public, and corporate collections throughout the world and she is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

Joyce Clark Appraisal Requests

We receive several requests each week for "ballpark" estimates of the value of privately owned Joyce Clark paintings. We can't do that.

A significant amount of a painting's value has to do with condition, and we cannot judge that at long distance. So please don't ask us "what do you think my Joyce Clark is worth".

If you've owned a Joyce Clark painting for some time, you will probably be pleasantly surprised to learn that it has appreciated a great deal in value. So you might wish to have a local fine arts appraiser give you a fee-for-service valuation in order to update your insurance coverage.

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