The Hana Coast Gallery Presents
Joann Quintal - Oahu Drum Artist

Working on one of the world's finest percussion instruments, a key-tuned Remo Djembe drum, Hawaii artist Joann Quintal has captured the portrait of Hi'iaka - Hawaiian goddess of the hula, The second drum bears the likeness of Hi'iaka's star-crossed lover, Chief Lohiau.

[Painted Drum]
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24" x 12
Handpainted With Oils
[Painted Drum]
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"Chief Lohiau"
24 x 12
Handpainted Remo Drum

Remo Drums, known by all serious drummers, was chosen by Joann as the perfect 'canvas' upon which to paint her subjects of Hawaiian myth and legend.

When hands urge sound from these ergonomically designed percussion instruments, a drumbeat with full bass and lively overtones comes forth . . . sounding much like the drums of ancient Hawaii. It is this unique combination of functionality and beauty that sets these drums apart as objets d'art.

Born in Honolulu and raised in Kailua, Joann has always been an artist. From as far back as she can remember, color, the Hawaiian culture and nature have been an integral part of her life. As a child, her parents spent a small fortune in support of her passion for finding just the right crayon to complete her many drawings.

Today all these years later, while raising three daughters, she continues to create beautiful art. As the artist says: "My art has taught me to trust in what I know, never to fear, and to always enjoy the experience."

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