A Little Something About Our Director and Curator

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Alesia Ku'ulei Chow has been a managing director of The Coast Galleries, a major California and Hawaii art gallery organization, for almost a quarter-century.

Patrick is both a "gallery-keeper" and art dealer, specializing in artists and master artisans of the Hawaiian Islands. He is also a sought-after Certified Private Client Insurance Valuator and an accredited Fine Art Appraiser (IFAA).

When he decided to make Maui his year-round home in the late 1970s, Patrick had already been a Marine Corps officer, a Catholic monk (Domincan Order) and an award-winning ski lodge owner/restauranteur. Sometime during all these life adventures he had also been a husband . . . and, years before, a specialist in international art thefts at a major law enforcement agency. But that was all before he won the Sweepstakes Lottery!

After moving to Maui in the late 1970's, and living the life of a carefree "scholar/yogi" for a few years, Patrick came out of his too-early retirement to begin a new career in Maui's flourishing art gallery scene. Within a year, after a brief stint as a private dealer, he had become Associate Director and Senior Art Consultant of the largest and most successful gallery in all of Hawaii.

Then, In 1985, Patrick was recruited by the Coast Galleries to become founding gallery director of their first location in Hawaii, at the former Hotel Inter-Continental in Wailea, Maui. He then opened the Hana Coast Gallery as its founding director in 1989.

During the past 19 years, Patrick has continued to build the Hana Coast Gallery's reputation as the finest cultural arts gallery in the state of Hawaii. He is also, not too surprisingly, a published author: "The Fine Art of Dealing In Art" and "Insider Tricks To Collecting Art"..

Why All This Personal Background?

In these unsettled economic times, it's vital for you to know the true worth of your financial "Store Of Value" investments . . . before you spend your money to buy something. This is especially true with the acquisition of fine art.

You do NOT need some "expert" to educate your personal taste when it comes to art. You already know what you like. But perhaps you don't feel comfortable about knowing if you are paying the "right" price for what delights your eye. What's usually needed in this case is a trusted advisor to help you with the necessary due diligence of valuation. And that's where Patrick comes into the picture.

If you are anything like most savvy art collectors, then you usually try to do business with trustworthy, competent people who have had experiences that enable them to have become knowledgeable and respected in their fields of expertise. That means knowing something about the personal and professional background of your advisors.

Patrick has the uncommon expertise, as detailed above, that has allowed him for almost a quarter century to serve as a valued guide through the art world for his clients. Perhaps you would like to have such a personal art valuator and consultant. If so, then please accept this "resume" as being a brief look at Patrick's bonafides when it comes to helping you with your questions and concerns about art.

You can reach Patrick by email at:patrick@hanacoast.com

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