The Art of Creating Studio Furniture
By Master Artisan Ricardo Vasquez

The Ancient Artifact Made New

Hawaiian "Curly-Grain" Koa Wood Furniture

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"Black Pearl"

Dimensions: 37" t  x  40" w  x 18" d
~ SOLD ~

For this work I used a mermaid’s tail of curly Koa and Plum Pudding Mahogany to support the back of a bench of locally obtained solid Opiuma wood. The bench features cabriole legs on the front with tentacle and black pearl feet being my interpretation of the more traditional claw and ball feet. Authentic Milk Paint (environmentally safe and non-toxic made from milk protein, lime, clay and earth pigments) applied in layers and worked to achieve the multi-dimensional look on the bench and cabriole legs. Black balls ie, “ pearl”s are held by hand carved “tentacles”.

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[Coconut Bowl]
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Dimensions: 34" long x 18 1/2" tall x 12 3/8"deep.
~ SOLD ~

Made of all solid "Curly-Grain" Hawaiian Koa, using marine epoxy adhesive and conversion varnish finish. The sturdiness of construction and joinery insures that this piece of benchmade furniture will be used and handed down for generations.

[Coconut Bowl]
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Dimensions: 32" tall x 52" wide x 16 3/4" deep.
~ SOLD ~

All local woods using False Kamani with Pheasant Wood accents. This piece won Honorable Mention at the 2014 Hawaii Forest Industry Association Annual Woodshow in Honolulu.

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Hand carved Kamani leaf in Kamani wood on base of Pheasant Wood with relief carving of Pheasant Wood leaves and berries

[Original Table]
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Functional Sculptural Cabinet

Dimensions: 87" tall x 33" wide x 13" deep.
- SOLD -

Curly mango wood for the "sail" door. Koa for the exterior of the body, the carving on the side, as well as, the carved top elements of the "mast" and "boom". Ulupalaku Pine for the "mast" and "boom". Coconut fiber lashings on "mast" and "boom". Bamboo for the interior.

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Combining sculpture and cabinetry, Maui Furniture Maker Ricrdo Vasquez has created yet another masterpiece of wood art.

The artist describes this piece: "The source of my inspiration came from the shape of the sails on the vessels of voyagers who have been sailing across oceans, especially in those in search of unknown places for tens of thousands of years. These adventurous men (and women) who had been crossing oceans to discover what lies beyond since ancient times have always fascinated me.

"My time on the ocean while living on a cruising sailboat for 25 years has forever forged a bond with all other people who feel the lure of the sea. Especially with those whose spirit of adventure, discovery, bravery and inquisitiveness lead them to venture into the unknown.

"While at sea the pulse of the mother ocean becomes part of your own. The rhythms of nature dictate your responses. Floating on the swells the oneness of it all becomes apparent.

"The sight of sails full of wind is a thing of beauty. The shape of the sail, the shape of ocean swells, the curve of the earth all provide inspiration. At sea one has time to study these shapes for hour upon hour.

"With this work I pay homage to all voyagers; present day and from ancient times; Hawaiian, Polynesian, those from many places.

"The 'crab claw' shape of the Hawaiian voyaging canoes is reflected here in a functional piece of furniture. The compound curves of the sail door, the sweep of the side and top pieces, as well as, the shape of the base all reflect those found on the canoes.

"The materials I have chosen, Hawaiian Koa, Curly Mango, Ulupalakua Pine, bamboo and coconut lashing all relate to the canoes.

"It is my hope that the spirit of these vessels and voyagers that inspired me is within this work and enhance the space it occupies."

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For the past 35 years Ricardo Vasquez has been designing and creating unique custom furniture and cabinetry that satisfies client's requirements for functionality while adding beauty to their environment.

Ricardo speaks of his work:

"I approach furniture as functional pieces of art. As a studio craftsman, my primary focus is on the holistic aesthetics of the piece: the way each piece of wood is joined in harmony with the others. Curves and different species of wood are used in a sparingly and thoughtfully intentional manner so as to enhance the feel of a piece of furniture and keep with the integrity of the design."

Largely self-taught Ricardo Vasquez has designed and built custom furniture for executive offices, private homes and custom interiors for mega-yachts.

Ricardo Vasquez works with hand-selected quality woods and veneers, incorporating metals, glass and stone as needed by the design. Combining the unique character and beauty of various woods and materials in a way that complements each design is what makes Ricardo Vasquez's work come alive.

This Master Woodworker believes in the value of old-fashioned craftsmanship but avails himself of the latest techniques and materials to produce truly outstanding free standing furniture and built-in cabinetry.

His goal is to design, construct and deliver a piece that exceeds his client's and collector's expectations.

Recent Awards & Professional Memberships

Best Of Show, 2010 Hawaii Forest Industry Association Statewide Woodshow Honolulu.

Two of his works were selected for Art Maui 2010 Juried Exhibition.

Roots of Inspiration Invitational Exhibition Schaefer International Gallery Nov-Dec 2009.
- Where 18 of Hawaii's best studio furniture were invited to created to create a work for the themed show. -

Honorable Mention Furniture 2009 Hawaii Forest Industry Association statewide juried show

First Place Furniture 2008 Hawaii Forest Industry Association statewide juried show Honolulu November 2008

Featured on HGTV series Modern Masters

Selected for publication in The Custom Furniture Source Book ‚ A Guide to 125 Craftsmen by Taunton Press

Profiled in numerous magazine and newspaper articles

Featured in the Masterworks Collection of Hana Coast Gallery

Board Member Maui Woodworkers Guild

Member Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center

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