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The Organic Basketry Of Susan Belle Jenson

As founder of Maui Earthworks, Susan has worked hard at perpetuating a Hawaiian artform and of one of the most ancient world-crafts known, basket weaving.

susan belle jenson susan belle jenson susan belle jenson

These baskets were made with various natural fibers, including: ape, dragonia, philodenron, watsonia, seagrass, raffia, ironwood, pine, rolled papers and Aloha.

Susan Belle Jenson is a basketmaker who lives here on the Island of Maui. She gathers her fibers from the rainforests and Upcountry woodlands. A 30 year resident of the islands, Susan currently teaches fiber weaving at Seabury Hall School for children and in private classes for adults.

Earthworks baskets are available in these sizes
4" $30.00 5" $36.00 6" $63.00
7" $72.00 8" $90.00 9" $125.00
10" $175.00 11" $250.00 12" $300.00

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