Tim and Vicky Robinson - Digital Realism

Tim and Vicky Robinson
Digital Realism

Newest Work

[Digital Image]
Bamboo with Orchids
24" H x 14" W Image Size
[Digital Image]
Two Birds In Paradise
24" x 18" Image Size

[Digital Image]
Kea Okika
24" x 18" Image Size

[Digital Image]
Alani Kokio
18" H x 18" W Image Size
[Digital Image]
Alana O'Kiko
18" x 18" Image Size

[Digital Image]
Morning Dew Orchid
18" x 18" Image Size
[Digital Image]
Kea Awapuhi
18" x 18" Image Size

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Tim and Vicky Robinson
Digital Realism

DIGITAL REALISM artwork is a collaborative effort of Tim and Vicky Robinson. They have been working on a variety of art techniques and designs. Tim has stayed abreast of technological advances in the digital and printing realm for over twenty years. Vicky's creative design ability and attention to detail combined with Tim's technical knowledge and passion for utilizing the best equipment available has allowed them to create this new form of art.

DIGITAL REALISM utilizes a high resolution, high-density range flatbed scanner that captures images in a way that eliminates the distortion of the camera lens. The resulting images are highly detailed and deeply sharp. Capturing images of flowers, fine tuning those images and printing them in large formats gives you an enlarged view of nature that you are unable to see with the naked eye. These enlarged images provide a new perspective that allows you to see things like the lacy intricacies of flower petals and the delicate clusters of pollen. The flowers in these images were either grown at the artist's home on Maui or collected from nearby locations.

Tim Robinson

After 32-years of dealing with Cardiac Surgery products and owning his own medical company in Northern California, Tim Robinson moved permanently to Maui to begin pursuing a new life journey as an artist. Tim developed a passion for the digital aspect of art while helping Vicky convert her watercolors to print.

Tim has become a certified Epson Ultra Giclee Printmaker. He has had Photoshop training at the Institute for Visual Arts and the University of Hawaii.

His Biological Science background combined with the technical skills acquired in the pursuit of his passion for digital art are his contribution to the new art genre, DIGITAL REALISM.

Vicky Robinson

Vicky Robinson has been exploring various expressions of art since childhood. Nordstrom's in California commissioned her to design and hand-paint clothing. She was commissioned by the Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui and the Maui Ocean Center to create watercolors as greeting cards exclusively for their gift shops.

Her favorite form of expression has become Sumi-e painting. Sumi-e painting is said to flow from the artist's soul down the arm, out the brush and reflects onto the paper. It is this intimacy that makes a connection with the viewer. Vicky brings the simplicity of Asian Design to the live images that are her original paintings or which become DIGITAL REALISM limited edition prints. You can see examples of her Sumi-e paintins at the link just below.

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