Hana, Island of Maui, Hawaii


Zolton Pa'l
Marquetry In Native Woods

Zoltan Pa’l, originally from a small town outside of Budapest, Hungary called Gyongyos, now resides here on the island of Maui. Frequent visits to his grandparent’s home in the mountains sparked his love of nature and the different elements found in a piece of wood or the bark of a tree. Years later he knew he wanted to become a woodworker.

Starting his career in furniture making, Marquetry soon became his main focus. What is marquetry you ask.... a wonderful stream of emotion, inspiration and translation of the natural essence of wood inlay. This is the art of inlaying of different woods and other natural materials to create a picture.

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84 pieces of Marquetry In Custom Frame
20 inches tall, by 18 inches wide


The Artist Tells About His Marquetry Process

The woods used in the inlaid marquetry include Koa, Mango, Maple, Mahogany,Walnut Rosewood, Birch, Cherry, and Makore.

After choosing from these many different species and colors of wood which I will be using in the Marquetry, I slice the boards into very thin strips (3/64") on the band saw, then run them through the sander. By making them very thin it aleviates the natural tendency for the wood to expand and contract (which might cause the detail to pull apart).

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102 pieces of Marquetry In Custom Frame
41 inches tall, by 18 inches wide


"Once the wood is made into veneers, I am ready to begin the labor-intensive process of cutting the many, many pieces to fit together, choosing every piece by grain direction and color. After they are cut I take many of them and dip them into hot sand to scorch the edge to cause a shading effect which gives the piece depth. Then I carefully assemble the pieces in many different layers, overlapping leaves and branches in front of and behind each other. Then I glue the entire picture to the top substrate, sand very carefully and the process continues .... building the rest of the piece."


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"In Sight"
104 pieces of Marquetry In Custom Frame
24 inches tall, by 18 inches wide



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8.5 inches tall, by 11.5 inches wide



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Triptych (Three Piece) 8 inches tall, by 16 inches wide


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